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Personalized Care That Starts with a Thorough Exam

Laura is skilled in the diagnosis of all types of hearing loss, which is one of the reasons most of her new clients come from referrals from previous clients. She’ll refit aids until they’re comfortable. Laura will also teach wearers how to interpret tones and sounds, which can ease adjustment to new aids. And, she handles or closely supervises all repairs and adjustments herself, so you’re guaranteed first-class workmanship and care.


Your Exam Includes:
•A Thorough Hearing History
•Otoscopic Inspection of the Ear Canal to Detect Abnormalities
•Audiometric Testing to Determine Your Ability to Hear Tones at Certain Frequencies
•A Speech Reception Test to Determine the Lowest Volume at Which You Can Hear Words
•A Speech Discrimination Test to Tell Us If You Can Understand What Is Being Said
•Detection of Middle-Ear Infections and Eardrum Problems
•Bone Conduction Tests to Help Detect Nerve Loss and / or Medical Problems


For Your Comfort and Convenience

We offer flexible payment options.  We welcome insurance and honor Visa, MasterCard and Discover credit cards. There’s plenty of parking close by, and we offer morning, lunchtime and evening hours.


Call Hearing Wizard today at 972-494-6537 for your hearing examination.



Guarantee: When it comes to your precious hearing, THe Hearing Wizard makes no promises – only guarantees!


•45 Day Trial Period In Writing
•World-Class Hearing Care Guarantee: If you’re not 100% happy with your hearing aid within the first 45 days, we’ll fix it until you are, or your money back

•New-Technology Guarantee: If there’s a breakthrough in the hearing-aid market, we’ll have it first, or we’ll get it for you
•Comfortable-Fit Guarantee: Your hearing aid will fit so well that it won’t cause you any discomfort


Warranty: Depending on the type of hearing aid purchased, the warranty ranges from one to three years.

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